Toxic-Productions is a web development and design company that strides to create websites of the best quality in a reasonable timeframe for a fraction of the price you pay commercial companies.


The developers of Toxic Productions have the ability to construct professional web applications using many of the modern languages used for website construction such as PHP, HTML, Javascript and CSS. We also remaster parts of websites and create IRC bots using languages like Node.JS (we prefer Node.JS requests over PHP requests due to the way Node.JS handles memory without any intervention).


Server Move

Posted on 15/03/14 at 00:39

We are working on moving all of our sites from our old server hosted in Atlanta to our new server in the UK. Many features may not function properly for a few days. Check back for more updates shortly.


You can visit our blog at


Do you charge to host from your servers?

We do but we charge only a small fee of $5 per month. This will allow you to modify your website at any time and allows us to get it back up as soon as possible should an issue occur.

Can I move my website from your servers at any time?

Yes, you can. However, we do not provide ANY refunds for moving.

What should I do in the event that I am unhappy with my website?

If you are unhappy with your website, please contact John directly (see the Contact section) who will look further into the issue. You should send an email with the subject "Complaint - YOUR_WEBSITE_URL_HERE - DATE" and the body outlining what you are unhappy with. If you have a genuine case, the member of staff will be dealt with accordingly and a partial discount will be applied to your website.

Can you develop ASP.NET sites?

Currently, no. However, we are planning on upgrading our servers soon to allow ASP.NET development.

Can you develop CGI sites?

Yes, we can. We are most knowledgable with Python and Perl but our developers would be happy to learn any other language in order to design a website for you.

Can I view my website being designed in realtime?

Yes, to a certain extent. We have a server that allows us to stream text to you whilst we are typing (similar to Google Docs). You can only, however, view the code and not an actual display of what the website looks like but you can at any time request that the staff member uploads the website so far so that you can see it. Should you want this feature, you will have to pay a one-time fee of $3.

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